How to Wear: The Pantone Fall Color Report

Sep 23, 2015

Welcome fall! Boy are we glad to see you!

Are you as ready for the upcoming wardrobe change as I am? Read on for a simple how-to on wearing the ultimate color trend guide, the Pantone Fall Color Report.

How to Wear: The Pantone Fall Color Report 2015

What can we look forward to in Fall 2015? According to Pantone, the word's foremost color experts, "This season displays an umbrella of accord that weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural."

Whew, that's a mouthful. How do you translate that piece of poetry into a wardrobe? By taking a look at the Pantone Color Report. The ten colors in this season's report will dictate your color palate well into the decking of the halls.

This fall, the Color Report makes me think of Sherlock Holmes wandering the English moors in search of a clue. (Ok you got me, I'm mostly thinking of Benedict Cumberbatch. But still.) According to the experts at Pantone, this season's colors are:
  • Dried Herb - a thoughtful olive green
  • Desert Sage - a muted green like you might see on a walk in the countryside near London (while hanging out with your buddy Watson)
  • Stormy Weather - a misty gray-blue
  • Oak Buff - if you were to spread your pumpkin spice latte on a piece of bread, it would look like this creamy brown color
  • Marsala - a deep red with brown undertones, this color looks like a mulled wine with heavy spices
  • Biscay Bay - a rich turquoise reminiscent of an exotic moonlight beach
  • Reflecting Pond - a deep and dark blue with green undertones, a color that seems made for the late Princess Diana
  • Cadmium Orange - a surprisingly cheery peach-orange color that I could swear was in every one of costumes in The Man From UNCLE.
Now that we know the colors, how do you put together the perfect closet? Start with those earthy neutrals as a base and build out pops of color from there. Take the outfit above as an example. Lay your foundation with a slouchy sweater in Stormy Weather over a pair of dark jeans. Throw on some Oak Bluff jewelry (cough - buffed gold - cough). Do your nails in Amethyst Orchid and splurge on some Cashmere Rose heels for a hint of color.

But the best part, in my opinion, will be your bag. I've included four color options above, but my absolute favorite is the Valentino in Marsala. You can find this beauty at Nordstrom Rack for not much more than you'd spend on a Rebecca Minkoff, making it the ultimate fall steal. I just can't stop staring at it. Mmmm... Valentino...

How are you wearing your fall colors? I'd love to see, leave a #ootd link below or tag me in your instas via @hellohandbag!

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