#JusticeForHannah - Hannah Combs Makes A Difference In The Fight Against Bullying

Oct 20, 2015

When a bully poured superglue in Hannah Combs' hair, giving her first degree burns on her scalp, she took the high road. Thus was born #JusticeForHannah.

Justice For Hannah #JusticeForHannah photo credit Bpenn005 - Hello, handbag

Hannah Combs, a 15 year old living near Dallas, is recovering from chemical burns after a boy put super glue in her hair. Here's Hannah at the start of this adventure:

Instead of getting revenge, or seeking punishment, Hannah started the hashtag #JusticeForHannah to help others going through bullying. On her Facebook page, she tells the quickly growing community, "I want to make a difference. That's my goal in life... Yes I'm just a teenager but I'm old enough to know right from wrong. I'm old enough to help people that are being bullied and even help the bully themselves become better people. Did you know that half of the time the bully doesn't even know he/she is bullying anyone. But we can fix that I know we can. The question is are you ready to take a stand??"

Her message has been picked up all over the place, including on E! Online:

I had some choice words when I first heard this story, but I was touched when I read this statement from Hannah, "Are we any better then a bully if we say mean things about him and threaten him... Bullying is wrong and as I said before sometimes it's the bully that really needs the help."

Right on girl.

Besides, you know what's the best revenge? This beautiful face:

I'm proud to stand by Hannah Combs. If you're a young person, you can support her cause by becoming a Teen Ambassador for Stomp Out Bullying. If you're an old person like me who won't quite make the "teen" cut, you can donate here.

How would you help a teen going through bullying? Any words of wisdom?

Photo Credit: Bpenn005 at English Wikibooks [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I saw this story, but never understood why there was never any mention abou charges being pressed, all I saw was the story being shared on different sources, and people sharring hate for the boy who ran a failed prank on this girl, and the girl's new beautiful haircut being complimented.

    I'm not seeing like... actual advice, besides the simple phrase" speak up"...


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