No More Fur for Armani

Mar 25, 2016

Great news for fashion! Armani has announced they will go fur free.

Armani No More Fur - Milan Fashion week 2013 photo credit Giorgio Montersino Flickr 9896933634

Thanks to new technology, the Italian fashion house sees no need to continue using real fur in their products. Here's the statement:

"I am pleased to announce that the Armani Group has made a firm commitment to abolish the use of animal fur in its collections. Technological progress made over the years allows us to have valid alternatives at our disposal that render the use of cruel practices unnecessary as regards animals. Pursuing the positive process undertaken long ago, my company is now taking a major step ahead, reflecting our attention to the critical issues of protecting and caring for the environment and animals.” - Giorgio Armani.

The announcement was made in collaboration with the Fur Free Alliance, a partnership of more than 40 animal protection organizations. In the announcement, their chairman stated, "this latest announcement is proof that compassion and innovation are the future of fashion."

Armani runway 2011 photo credit Payal Jaggi Flickr 5395009291

In case you're wondering, here's Armani's definition of fur:

"Fur means any animal skin or part thereof with hair or fur fibers attached thereto, either in its raw or processed state or the pelt of any animal killed for the animal’s fur. 'Animal' includes, but is not limited to mink, fox, rabbit, karakul lamb and raccoon dog

'Fur' shall not include 1) such skins as are, or are to be, converted into leather or which in processing have, or shall have, the hair, fleece, or fur fiber completely removed, 2) materials clipped, shorn, or combed from animals, fleece, sheepskin, shearling, 3) leather or hair attached to skin that is typically used [a]s leather e.g. cowhide with hair attached, 4) synthetic materials intended to look like fur.

NOTE: the fur free policy includes a ban on rabbit fur. The fur free policy doesn’t include fur products from certain types of animals that are understood to typically be a by-product of the meat trade, or another industry. However if the Group obtains information that the animals are being killed primarily for their fur (in general or in specific fur products) we will choose to avoid these products where possible. The animals covered by this section are:

• Sheep ('shearling', 'Mongolian lamb') NOTE: we will not sell the fur of newborn or fetal sheep ('broadtail', 'karakul', 'swakara', 'astrakhan', etc.)
• Cow ('calf hair')
• Horse ('pony skin')
• Goat
• Alpaca"

You can read the full announcement here.

Photo credits: Giorgio Montersino via Flickr, Payal Jaggi via Flickr.

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