Why Ghostbusters Is The Best Non-Feminist Movie For Women

Mar 8, 2016

What do you get when you pit four smart, courageous, funny women against the paranormal scum of New York? Yes my friends, you get the new Ghostbusters. And while this isn't made to be a feminist statement, it's refreshing to see four ladies kicking much patootie.

This Ghostbusters is everything we know and love. It's four smart people with individual quirks, skills and assets banding together. The characters are almost a mirror to the original Ghostbusters, except that these four people happen to be women.

This movie isn't about feminism. There's no call for a women's lib movement where we all wear proton packs. It's the Ghostbusters. And just like the characters in the first film were all men (which was fine) these are all women (which is fine).

My favorite moment in this trailer might be one that you missed, but that Kelly Lawler in USA Today stated perfectly. Did you catch that (beautiful) moment of Chris Hemsworth in his bespectacled glory? I bet you missed it the first time - go ahead, watch it again. See him now? Yes, that's Chris Hemsworth. Notice that he doesn't speak. In fact he doesn't do much of anything but walk through a door in a sexy way.

Now, how many times have you seen a movie where the sexy receptionist has no lines? How about the waitress with a plunging neckline who doesn't say a word? Or, as my husband reminded me, the female detective in bull pen who has no character but a perfect blow out? Every. Single. Movie. How refreshing that Chris Hemsworth doesn't need to say a word here. In fact, notice that only women speak in this trailer.

That, friends, is refreshing. And very worthy of a day where we celebrate parity for women. Happy International Women's Day!

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