The Mysterious Case of Benjamin Ashton Cooper's Clothing Size

May 16, 2016

Benjamin Ashton Cooper is a size small. Sometimes he even wears a youth large to work. But about a week ago, Mr. Cooper discovered a superpower. He was able to to grow three sizes by putting on his girlfriend's shirt!

While helping his girlfriend clean out her closet, Benjamin Cooper noticed something odd. Much of her clothing was a size XL. Interestingly, Cooper's girlfriend is not an extra large person. So out of curiosity, Cooper had an impromptu fashion show and discovered he could rock that XL tank top. He took to Facebook to show off his new style.

Despite the #distractinglysexy photos, Cooper illustrates an important point. As a man who wears a size small, why is he fitting into a woman's XL? What is this mysterious phenomenon?

The only answer: Cooper is a descendant of the Grinch (after he got nice, obviously) and has inherited the ability to "grow three sizes that day."

(Or if you think this might be a deeper issue regarding women's sense of self, consider giving to or volunteering with Body Gossip - they help people "rock their own brand of gorgeous.")

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