Match Grade Apparel - Come Together Over Our Veterans

Nov 11, 2016

This Veterans Day, our particularly divided nation has the opportunity to come together. We may not see eye to eye on everything, but one thing we can agree on is the bravery and strength of the men and women who have represented our country.

I am personally honored to count many veterans as dear friends. One of those incredible people is Alec Reisberg, who founded Match Grade Apparel as a way to continue serving his country beyond his time as a Marine. Alec, his wife Nicole (a badass in her own right), and their beautiful baby make up this service-focused powerhouse.

Match Grade Apparel Founders

Match Grade creates clothing made 100% in the US. Why? Because, as Alec says, "keeping products made in America keeps jobs here and creates new opportunities for Veterans." And that's not all - for every purchase you make, Match Grade gives back to a family-run military charity like the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

My favorite piece is the Earn It racerback. It's comfortable, versatile, and embodies a lifestyle I very much believe in. As Match Grade says, "Nothing is free in this world and no one owes you shit. You have to Earn It." Try this with yoga pants for your Target run, or skinny jeans and a blazer for a crisp look.
Earn It Racerback - Match Grade Apparel

Thank you Alec for your service and your continued dedication to supporting fellow Americans.

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