Sharpe Suiting - Custom Clothing for All Genders

Nov 16, 2016

Sharpe Suiting is making clothes that fit you. Because gender shouldn't limit your choices.

Sharpe Suiting developed a system of measurement called "andropometrics" to make sure their clothing fits the wearer perfectly. Instead of assuming women want smaller waists and shorter skirts, for example, Sharpe Suiting measures the woman individually and tailors the suit to her tastes.

Sharpe Suiting was created by Leon Wu, who grew up as a little girl but knew from an early age that he preferred men's clothing. Wu, a UCLA alum, told the Daily Bruin that he recognized clothing was a problem when he accompanied a friend as she was shopping for a wedding. When the sales associate said his friend didn't fit any of their clothing, Wu realized It might be the other way around, that you don’t have anything that fits her."

Sharpe Suiting has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, AT&T, and Racked to name just a few. They are known for customized, tailored pieces, but also have a ready-to-wear collection starting at $115.

Wu will be speaking in Westwood at the UCLA Anderson School of Management on Thursday, 11/17 as part of their Diversity Week.

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