Teen Vogue Takes On Trump And Gives Us Hope For The Future

Dec 12, 2016

This weekend the internet took a collective gulp of fresh air. Which came, of all places, from Teen Vogue.


The firestorm was created by a fabulous piece called, "Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America," in which author Lauren Duca lays out a well researched perspective on how our president-elect became so. And just how terrifying that is.

As Duca says, "Trump won the Presidency by gas light. His rise to power has awakened a force of bigotry by condoning and encouraging hatred, but also by normalizing deception. Civil rights are now on trial, though before we can fight to reassert the march toward equality, we must regain control of the truth. If that seems melodramatic, I would encourage you to dump a bucket of ice over your head while listening to 'Duel of the Fates.' Donald Trump is our President now; it’s time to wake up."

(Need to try it? Here's "Duel of the Fates" (the ominous Star Wars theme) for you:)

Slate calls the piece, "a fierce polemic against Trump’s insidiously deceptive style of politicking, his habit of fueling hate with lies and capitalizing on the toxic combination to drum up bigotry and fear." Mashable calls it "scathing." The Wrap says it's "blistering." All of which is true - if you haven't read it yet, do so now.

Besides being so on point with what our country needs to hear right now, here's why I love this: it's delightful to see magazines made for teenagers delving into important topics. When I was a teen, my magazines were full of "15 ways to wear blush." Having not read Teen Vogue for the past decade, I was elated to see articles like:
With young women reading pieces like this, and being exposed to role models like Duca, we have hope for the future. Major kudos to Teen Vogue. To the ladies inspired by reading it, us old folks will be here to help you change the world!

Photo credit: Screenshot of original Teen Vogue article

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