DVF Fall Campaign and the Boys on the Bench

Nov 5, 2017

The Diane von Furstenberg Fall Campaign is just so good. Just. So. Good.
This campaign is outstanding for artistic quality, but also for diversity. Models include Luna Bijl (Dutch), Yoon Young Bae (Korean), and Angok Mayen (a refugee of South Sudan). And it features New Yorkers they met on the street, like the gorgeous boys on the park bench. Let's be honest, those boys make this campaign shine.

Sure, this came out in August. It was a busy summer y'all. But now that the weather is starting to change a girl can dream of "skipping into traffic on steam clouds" like Rachel Kang, the New Yorker who puts words to the vibe of this campaign and who could be the voice of the generation. "I would like to be colored in with crayons and kid sounds knitted into my park bench" - I have felt that too, but never thought to say it like that.

This is the first campaign from Jonathan Saunders, who took over as DVF's Chief Creative Officer in 2016. If this is what he's bringing to the table, he's going to have a great career with DVF.

I will say, we could use a little body diversity in the mix. I nominate Tess Holiday for the next campaign.

The boys on the bench at the end of the video are everything. May we all dress to greet the day the way they do.

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