I’m Anna, and I’m a handbag connoisseur.

When I meet a new handbag, it’s like greeting an old friend. I say, out loud, “hello, handbag.” I take it out for coffee or happy hour, introduce it to my friends, and generally put it through the ringer so I can be sure it's perfect. It's like dating, but with handbags instead of boys.

I started Hello, Handbag because, as much as I love drooling for hours over next season’s Prada or Hermes, but they’re not in my budget. I could never find a reliable resource for new handbags that fit my lifestyle. Hello, Handbag is a way to channel my handbag obsession, and hopefully provide resources for others.

I write about handbags, and I write for people who love handbags. I review the bags you want, and introduce you to your new best friend by a brand you’ve never heard of. I tend to write about:
  • handbag reviews
  • sale alerts
  • street style
  • niche brands
  • trends
  • bags that make the world better
  • and sometimes I throw in tidbits about fashion, culture or life

A little about me:
  • I live in sunny Los Angeles. You'll find me at brunch at the Grove or the Beverly Center over the weekends, and searching for LA's best chicken wings on weeknights.
  • I love anything elephants. Clothing, bags, jewelry, and most of all my adopted elephant Quanza.
  • Beijing, Chiang Mai, and Machu Picchu are next on my travel list.

Product review policy:

If you’d like to send products for review, please contact me for mailing information. It's a treat to review products that I love, but please note that I write honest appraisals regardless of freebies.

I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a line at hellohandbagblog@gmail.com.

Official bio:

Anna is an experienced change maker with a background in social enterprise and corporate social responsibility. She is the founder of Philanthrophant, a nonprofit organization using social media to promote social responsibility. She also sits on the board of Hats Off for Cancer, and in her spare time takes her two rescued dogs out window shopping.

Despite a genuine desire to "save the world," she has always had a distracting passion for handbags.

If you’d like to hire Anna as a consultant, inquire about advertising, or host a giveaway on this site, please contact Anna directly.

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